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Feb 11, 2008 ... Q: Why does the U.S. have an Electoral College? A: The framers of the Constitution didn't trust direct democracy. FULL QUESTION: Why does ...


by Marc Schulman. The Electoral College was created for two reasons. The first purpose was to create a buffer between population and the selection of a ...


Nov 10, 2016 ... Why Do We Have the Electoral College By Leon Friedman Very little ... body whose only function is to choose who should lead the country.


The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a ...


The purpose of the electoral college is to be a compromise between election of the president by the vote of Congress and the popular vote of the people.


Nov 7, 2016 ... Electoral College has provided stability to the process of picking presidents.


Nov 10, 2016 ... As Americans await the quadrennial running of the presidential obstacle course now known as the Electoral College, it's worth remembering ...


Nov 8, 2016 ... The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College after much ..... of the political spectrum who believe it has long since served its purpose.


Nov 4, 2016 ... There are few founding institutions in the United States less well-understood than the Electoral College, the somewhat mysterious body of ...