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The Area and Volume of Cones
"A cone, according to MathWorld, is ""a pyramid with a circular cross section."" A cone has a circular base, or face. A common example of a cone is the ice-cream cone. The volume of a cone is a measure of how much it contains, and the surface area is how"... More »
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A cone is a three-dimensional figure with one circular base. A curved surface connects the base and the vertex. The volume of a 3 -dimensional solid is the ...


The formula for the volume of a cone is V=1/3hπr². Learn how to use this formula to solve an example problem.


Formula for the volume of a cone, visual explalantion with animation.


Jan 21, 2016 ... Need a custom math course? Visit http://www.MathHelp.com. This lesson covers the volume of a cone. Students learn that the formula for the ...
Jun 26, 2012 ... Volume of a Cone. Here we look at an example of finding the volume of a cone.


Learn how to get the volume of a cone and practice with an interactive calculator.


Animated demonstration of the cone volume calculation.


You can calculate the volume of a cone easily once you know its height and radius and can plug those measurements into the formula for finding the volume of a ...