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Shyness (also called diffidence) is the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness .... Shy people avoid the objects of their apprehension in order to keep from feeling ... their shell." This can actually make a shy person feel worse, as it draws attention to them, making them more self-conscious and uncomfortable.


Apr 6, 2010 ... The brains of shy or introverted individuals might process the world differently than their more extroverted counterparts, a new study suggests.


Jun 9, 2014 ... This habit often makes shy people great listeners, and as a result, more considerate friends, co-workers and partners. “Just because you're shy ...


Shyness is the opposite of being at ease with yourself around others. When people feel shy, they might hesitate to say or do something because they're feeling ...


Unlike introverts, who feel energized by time alone, shy people often desperately ... What are the forces in our lives that make us shy away from offering help, ...


People told me I was shy, too, because I preferred books, the company of just a ... way I dress, or the way I talk, or the jokes I make, that can make a person shy.


Jan 16, 2015 ... 22 Confessions Shy People Will Never Tell You. *Converses .... 10. Which, in turn , makes us feel MORE AWKWARD AND SELF-CONSCIOUS.


Most shy people believe that “shyness” is some kind of personality trait. ... Or perhaps a kid is bullied by people at their school, which makes them feel alone and ...


Why are some people shy? Why do some people find it so easy to talk to people and have a social life? And of course the bigger question was why couldn't I do ...