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The carrot (Daucus carota subsp. sativus) is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though ... The most commonly eaten part of the plant is the taproot, although the greens are sometimes eaten as well. ... from parsnips: the two were collectively called moru or more (from Proto-Indo-European *mork- "edible root", cf.


Mar 27, 2008 ... Answer key. What parts of plants do you eat? Roots: Carrots, Potatoes and Onions. Flowers: Broccoli, Cauliflower Cabbage. Nuts and Seeds: ...


Everything you need to know about Baby Carrots - either cut down or grown small. ... One batch, cut into 1-inch bites and peeled round, he called "bunny balls . ... four cuts instead of three on each carrot root, which is the part of the plant we eat. ..... a wedge between the munching public and our snack foods, a wedge in the ...


Oct 22, 2015 ... This spicy eggplant and carrot dish is inspired by the spicy eggplant ... of Asian eggplants in a dark sauce known as Szechuan eggplant or Yu Xian Qie Zi. .... steam the carrot wedges for about 3 minutes, so that you can piece ...


carrot: Daucus carota herbaceous, generally biennial plant of the Apiaceae family that ... Wild carrot (subspecies D. carota carota, also called Queen Anne's lace) is native to Eurasia ... The edible portion may be a root, such as rutabaga, beet.


Carrots, beets, parsnips, radishes, turnips, and rutabagas are the most commonly grown root ... Do not apply insecticides to plant parts that are to be eaten. A soil ...


Visit us to learn more about our Fire Wedge Hybrid Carrot. Want big, beautiful carrots even in clay soil? Fire Wedge is the one to pick! Big, thick 7-9 in. r...


Jun 16, 2009 ... Carrots and parsnips are in the same plant family and are attacked by the ... They leave behind sticky excrement called honeydew which can ... Leafhoppers are green, brown, or yellow bugs to ⅓-inch long with wedge-shaped wings. ... Keep weeds down in the garden area; they can shelter fungal spores.


Carrots grow in a host of other colors including white, yellow, or red. ... group of plant pigments called carotenoids, and beta ... What part of the plant are we eating when we eat jicamas, ... Students could dip a small wedge in salsa to jazz up.