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Confused[edit]. I suppose anything can be added to Talk pages, but can we not limit the conversation to the article? Is the 12-year-old section below "About My Starter Earrings" necessary? ... Unfortunately, I'm tied up on other articles. ... For my case, I think I would have healed quicker if I had removed the starter earrings in ...


Oct 24, 2008 ... It is my understanding that straight guys wear it on the left. But since I ... Last edited by citymouse; 10-24-2008 at 04:21 AM. Reason: ... If you are talking present times, it doesn't matter. A lot of ... Guys wear earrings on one side or the other, or even in both ears and it doesn't matter if they are straight or gay.


Jan 10, 2011 ... Straight men should avoid getting this ear pierced if they wish to carry onward ... Male #1- "Yo man, i'm gonna get my right ear pierced today."


The rule in which any male wears an earring in his right ear is deemed 'gay' or ' homosexual'. If they have one in their left ear too, they are not gay, but more ...


Oct 2, 2015 ... In the 1500's, it was fashionable for upper class men to wear earrings made of gold and precious stones. Sailors wore gold earrings to help pay ...


Back in about 1982 or so, there were some people who sometimes pierced only their right ear ... In the gay community in the 1970s (in SF at least), if an earring meant ... Straight men should avoid getting this ear pierced if they wish to carry ...


Trouble was, they pierced the right side instead of the left ... ... Am I right? Just like the ... Bullies in high school always asked me if my earring had fallen out. For punk day I ... You could wear several rings in your right ear and nobody would think it homo anymore. ... One earring in either ear was gay, both ears was straight.


Nov 26, 2011 ... Does the right ear means queer piercing thing still apply? ... About three weeks ago, I got my right cartilage pierced. ... piercing eventually and I thought it would look stupid if I put rainbow earrings in the "straight" side. ..... so unless a guy is wearing rainbow earrings, I'm not going to jump to any conclusions.


I can assure you it's false however if you are wanting to avoid possible torment then .... Earrings come in pairs so you might as well wear both. 0.