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What was school like for children growing up during World War One? Find out more in this KS2 Bitesize Primary guide.


Mar 30, 2017 ... One hundred years ago, children did go to school, but the classroom and lessons were very unfamiliar by today's standards. The 1870 ...


Apr 28, 2013 ... School 100Years AgoSchool a 100 years ago was very ... Like cleaning up helping the fathers with outside job, thenhaving to do homework.


Sep 1, 2016 ... Kids worried about going back to school this week? They should be glad they weren't at school in Edwardian times!


Edwardian Schools – How were we taught : What was school like 100 years ago ? 2. © Crown Copyright 2008. Introduction. Life at school in the Edwardian era ...


School 100 years ago in the United States consisted of one room for all grade levels and typically one teacher. Due to the need for the older children to help out  ...


Life in Irish Schools was very different 100 years ago. There were no ... At lunch time the children played schoolyard games like football, tag and skipping.


Sep 12, 2013 ... This image from France over 100 years ago predicts what school will look like in the 21st century: Students still sitting in rows but literally ...

Mar 20, 2016 ... What was life like 100 years ago? ... The Japanese school year is 240 days long, giving their students three more years of total instruction ...