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A Labrador puppy can be bought from any Pet shop for 500 coins. ... Labradors, like all dogs, eat raw beef, raw bear meat, raw beast meat and raw rat meat, but ...


Many pets can also be fed and interacted with. Most pets do not serve a purpose other than decoration, however, some pets are used in quests and have other ...


It can be bought from a Pet Store for 500 coins. A terrier has two stages, puppy and adult. Terriers eat raw meat and bones, but not fish or chicken even at adult ...


Note that the puppy will not grow if stored in the Inventory or Bank but only when being walked. Sheepdogs eat raw meat, but not fish or chicken or bird. At level ...


Bulldog was initially an Easter egg in the RuneScape Knowledge Base. ... in: Pets, Dogs ... This hint was indeed true as bulldogs can be obtained from the Pet Shops in Taverley and Yanille at level 4 Summoning. ... The bulldog eats raw meat.


Dalmatians only eat raw meats and bones. Raw rat meat is a cheap alternative to feed your Dalmatian. The Dalmatian may be understood at 14 Summoning.


If players completed the 2012 Christmas event, no stray dogs will be found in Varrock and will be ... If the offering is inedible, the dog will growl and not eat it.


The Greyhound eats bones, raw beef, raw wolf meat, and raw bear meat. It grows ... When a player's Summoning level reaches 14, they will be able to talk to it.


Dogs come in a wide variety of breeds, meaning that their appearance can differ greatly between individuals. They are closely related to a number of other ...