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... Aldana vs. Francisco Mendoza Abad ... G.R. No. L-8782. April 28, 1956, Marcelino B. Florentino, et al. vs. ... Manalo vs. Foster Wheeler Corporation, et al.


Aug 30, 2016 ... Using elevated temperature nanoindentation, Franke et al. ..... Plasticity in small- sized metallic systems: Intrinsic versus extrinsic size effect . .... [Cross Ref]; Torrents Abad O., Wheeler J.M., Michler J., Schneider A.S., Arzt E.


Jul 27, 2008 ... Abad P(1), Gouzy J, Aury JM, Castagnone-Sereno P, Danchin EG, Deleury E, Perfus-Barbeoch L, Anthouard V, Artiguenave F, Blok VC, Caillaud MC, ... Veronico P, Baum TJ, Blaxter M, Bleve-Zacheo T, Davis EL, Ewbank JJ, ...


Jan 15, 2016 ... On the other hand, Lee et al. ... of the compliance of the whole indenter-sample system as described previously by Wheeler and Michler [48].


a transgenic approach for nematode resistance (Lorenzen et al., ..... genetic information for these nematodes (Abad et al., 2008; Bird et al. .... (Wheeler et al., 2012). ..... Klink, V.P., Kim, K.H., Martins, V., MacDonald, M.H., Beard, H.S., Alkharouf,.


Isolates from a particular HAV outbreak are usually of the same genotype ( Normann et al. ... latex for 60 days, however, it does not survive as well on porous materials (Abad et al. ..... Hollinger FB, Emerson SU (2007) Hepatitis A virus. .... Wheeler C, Vogt TM, Armstrong GL, Vaughan G, Weltman A, Nainan OV, Dato V, Xia G, ...


therapy. Kumar and colleagues33 found a remarkable fivefold increase (52.0% vs .... nation therapy? Curr Opin Infect Dis 2009;22:137–42. Abad et al e8 ...


May 24, 2018 ... of the present foam of ν = 0.2 (according to Luehrs et al. ... review of Wheeler et al . ..... Leitner, A.; Maier-Kiener, V.; Jeong, J.; Abad, M.D.; Hosemann, P.; Oh, ... Leitner, A.; Maier-Kiener, V.; Kiener, D. Essential refinements of ...


patients who consult their general practitioners for gastroenteritis (Wheeler et al., 1999; Koopmans et ... viruses were found in some humans (Meng et al., 1997). This was taken as the first ..... V < 2. HR. V < 3 (Abad et al., 1997). HA. V < 1. HR.