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Jan 13, 2015 ... Louise Sattler, a mom of two grown children in Los Angeles, said she never left her kids alone overnight until they were college age because of ...


Jul 11, 2017 ... When your kids were younger, you wondered when you could leave them home ... Young teens should never be left home alone overnight.


Age to stay home alone overnight – Sep 27, 2017 – (6 responses). Archived Responses: ... My daughter is 16.5, an only child, fairly mature and responsible.


Handy chart lets you know when your kids can finally fend for themselves ... And it isn't until after 13 that leaving a kid alone overnight should be considered.


Virginia state statutes do not set a specific age after which a child legally can stay alone. * Age alone is not a very good indicator of a child's maturity level.


just wondering and trying to get a feel for it. i haven't done it personally (my oldest is 13), but know of teens as young as 14 or 15 that stay home.


safely. Being trusted to stay home alone can be a positive experience for a child who is mature and well prepared. It can boost the child's confidence.


Aug 2, 2004 ... Q: "My 14-year-old is a really good kid. Can I leave him alone overnight? I must go out of town, and he insists he'll be fine, plus we have family ...


Children who are in middle school or younger should have direct adult supervision. If this cannot be ... than 3 hours. Under 16, Should not be left alone overnight ...