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The date of birth of Jesus is not stated in the gospels or in any secular text, but most scholars ... the text in Luke can be read as "registration before Quirinius was governor of Syria", i.e. that Luke was actually referring to a completely different census. ..... Catholic Encyclopedia (1910): Chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ  ...


Dec 3, 2004 ... Did Jesus Christ birth occur on December 25th? Can we even know when Christ was born? Should we really be celebrating His birth?


Jan 30, 2014 ... Although millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Dec. 25, most ... But nobody really knows exactly when Jesus was born.


Dec 24, 2015 ... What We Know About When Jesus Was Actually Born ... The birth of Jesus Christ is pretty much the most basic element of the Christmas story.


Although it's not impossible, it seems unlikely that Jesus was really born on December ... look at Scripture, it indicates that this is an unlikely date for Christ's birth.


As we look at the story of when Jesus was born we often think of the shepherds in ... of “when was Jesus really born” by looking at the birth of John the Baptist.


When Jesus was born, shepherds and flocks were out at night. Why is that fact ... What Does the Bible Really Teach? APPENDIX ... THE Bible does not tell us when Jesus was born. However ... CHAPTER 4 Who Is Jesus Christ? CHAPTER 5 ...


Millions celebrate on December 25. Is that really the birth of Jesus Christ, and does he care whether Christians follow those customs or not?


Was it really on December 25th? ... This means that Jesus was born 15 months after the angel Gabriel appeared to Elizabeth's husband, ... We celebrate the birth of Messiah (Christ) on Christmas (from Old English, meaning “coming of Christ”),  ...