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The history of the Cleveland Browns American football team began in 1944 when taxi-cab ... Under Sipe, however, the Browns did not make it past the first round of the ... Negotiations and legal battles led to an agreement where Modell was allowed to move the team, but Cleveland kept the Browns' name, colors and history.


All-America Football Conference (1946–1949). Western Division (1946–1948). National ... The Browns' intellectual property, including team name, logos, training ..... Graham's presumed successor, did not play a single game for Cleveland, ..... Policy and general manager Dwight Clark, both of whom had come from the San ...


Sep 10, 2017 ... Brown ultimately agreed to the use of his name and Browns stuck. ... The Rams, who originated in Cleveland in 1936 and spent 1946 through 1994 ... person with the will to win and the Nordic tradition in the northern Midwest.


Sep 13, 2010 ... Many NFL nicknames were chosen based on name-the-team contests; Some ... Mental Floss: How 30 MLB teams got their names ... Cleveland Browns ... person with the will to win and the Nordic tradition in the northern Midwest." ... The Rams, who originated in Cleveland in 1936 and spent 1946 through ...


Cleveland Browns-The Cleveland All-America Football Conference franchise ... to the name Cleveland Panthers, from an earlier failed football team, Brown rescinded his ... Sailors say bad luck will come to anyone who harms one of them .”.


Nov 7, 1995 ... Some versions say a man who owned the rights to the name Cleveland Panthers demanded money from McBride. Others say Brown did not ...


The Cleveland Browns were born in 1944 when Cleveland businessman Arthur ... McBride's first act after acquiring the team was to hire Paul Brown, who had been ... Additionally, Art Modell agreed to relinquish the "Browns" name, colors and ...


Jan 13, 2015 ... There is some disagreement as to the origin of the name “Brown” but the ... selected the name “Browns” after the popular coach, which he did not like. ... cleveland browns How every NFL team got their name (33 Photos).


Dec 7, 2011 ... FOOTBALL URBAN LEGEND: The Cleveland Browns were named after boxer ... The name later was shortened to the Browns. ... with being such a successful coach, he did not care as much for the hoopla that surrounded it.