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The Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah, was a genocide during World War II in which ..... This did not mean that antisemitism had disappeared; instead it was ..... Long delays would take place, with the prisoners confined in the cars on  ...


The Holocaust originated in Nazi Germany during the late-1930s and quickly spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe. As the country responsible for ...


January 30, 1933: President Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany. March 20, 1933: SS opens the Dachau concentration camp outside of  ...


The Nazis victimized some people for what they did, some for what they refused to do, some for what they ... When and Where Did the Holocaust Take Place?


Jan 24, 2012 ... The mass killings of the Holocaust were what Hitler called "The Final Solution". Hitler also wanted to make Germany bigger, so he invaded ...


Jul 27, 2011 ... A gypsy in Auschwitz, one of the concentration camps in Poland. Not only Jews were killed during the Second World War Holocaust.


The Holocaust took place primarily in Germany and Poland, but also in other countries that the Germans occupied during World War II. At first, most victims were ...


Jan 3, 2004 ... Gord McFee Responds: Thanks for the question. You can start your research at: http://www.holocaust-history.org/short-essays/general.shtml.


Find out more about the history of The Holocaust, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, ... Anti-Semitism in Europe did not begin with Adolf Hitler.