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Freckles, sometimes called ephelides (singular ephelis), are clusters of concentrated melaninized cells which are most easily visible on people with a fair complexion. Freckles do not have an increased number of the melanin-producing cells, ...


Oct 20, 2006 ... Some say freckles come from the kiss of an angel. ... But if MC1R is responsible for both red hair and freckles, why do some people only have ...


Why do people have freckles? Are they painful or dangerous to your health? No one is born with freckles, but when they appear, usually during childhood, ...


Hence the freckles. ... rays could enter skin and make vitamin D. Melanin is what gives your skin freckles. ... Why do I have freckles on my legs?


What is melanin? Why do some people tan more easily than others? ... Freckles are just skin cells that contain a pigment (color) called "melanin." Melanin is a ...


True freckles almost never occur on ... and generally do not become cancerous.


Neanderthals didn't have freckles and neither do the people who have Neanderthal skin genes (predominantly East Asians and Amerindians).


If you have freckles, you've probably noticed that a long day in the sun makes them far more prominent. Why is that? Well, to understand why it happens, you'll  ...


Apr 11, 2016 ... The science of FRECKLES: From what causes the marks to appear to why you never see them on newborn babies, experts reveal all ... The solar panels that work come rain or shine: Power cells. .... Why Do We Get Freckles?