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Agate /ˈæɡət/ is a cryptocrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically ... like celadonite, delessite or "green earth", which are rich in iron probably derived from the decomposition of the ...


There are thousands of named agates found in nearly all countries of the world. ... Rift zones are cracks in the Earth's surface out of which molten lava flowed.


Sep 1, 2001 ... "Agates are enormously complicated—even beyond what the agateers ... "The hot water pumped from deep within the earth contains a lot of dissolved silica," he explains. ... The best are found in basalt, a young volcanic rock.


Mar 9, 2016 ... Agate mines are found almost everywhere in the world. But some of the more important mines are found in USA, Russia, Europe and Canada.


Agate is found throughout the world. In the United States it is produced in several western states; Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana are the chief sources ...


About 20 of these 70 gems are commonly found. All gemstones .... Can either be formed beneath the earth's surface (plutonic), or by volcanic activity. Inorganic ...


INTERESTING FACTS: Blue lace agate was discovered in 1967 on a farm in ... because of swirling blue and white reminded him of the earth and the clouds.


Almost all gems of mineral origin form in the Earth's crust, with the notable exceptions ... are relatively common, so it is understandable that quartz is found widely. ... quartzes, like agates, or amorphous opals may form as the water evaporates.


Aug 16, 2016 ... Photo: Dwarves' Earth Treasures Museum ... Finally, the Lake Superior agate can be found in many regions of Minnesota as it was distributed ...