Texas v. White, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 700 (1869), was a case argued before the United States ... White, et al. .... All three of the governors, in order to regain ownership of the bonds for the state, approved filing a lawsuit under Article III, Section 2 of ...


and to positive traits after white vs. black primes) (e.g., Dovidio et al. 1997 ..... Whereas Mullen et al's (1992) meta-analysis provided an impressive demonstra-.


Feb 4, 2013 ... White and Mullen (1989) suggested that jealousy is most closely ..... the duration or longevity of the relationship (Berscheid et al., 1989a, 2004).


(PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved) ... loss or threatened loss of social access to a conspecific (e.g., White & Mullen, 1989 ) .... Mullen (1989) , which has been adopted in research (e.g., Guerrero et al., 1995; Study 2) ...


of bias (individual vs. intergroup approaches, especially models of social categoriza- .... and to positive traits after white vs. black primes) (e.g., Dovidio et al. ..... than those in a numerical majority, whether the groups are real or artificial ( Mullen.


The corresponding increases for women are 3.1 years for white women and 2.5 years for black ... Lisa F. Berkman and Jewel M. Mullen. ... of health behaviors or social networks between blacks and whites in the United States and whether this ... In a meta-analysis of studies on behavior of health care providers, Hall et al.


2002; Bromet, Gluzman, Schwartz, & Goldgaber 2002; Havenaar et al. 1996 ... 2002; Pearlin, Lieberman, Menaghan, & Mullen 1981; Thoits 1995). ... for African Americans and few differences among other racial or ethnic groups (Escobar et al.


revealed that most studies measured screening (or intention) and knowledge .... Mullen et al. ...... nantly White samples with relatively high levels of education.


Feb 29, 2016 ... Sensational Smiles, LLC v. Mullen. Petition for certiorari denied on ... Connecticut Department of Public Health, et al. in opposition filed.