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About White German Shepherds
White German Shepherds are striking animals that have the same physical and temperament characteristics of their more commonly colored German Shepherd counterparts. They are loyal family pets, active sports dogs, and diligent protectors of their families... More »
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The White Shepherd emerged from white-coat lines of the German Shepherd dog in Canada and the United States and from European imports. The German Shepherd and the white German Shepherd are the same dog, though their coat colors vary. The White Shepherd breed was officially recognized by the United Kennel ...


There are really three dog breeds that could go by the name White Shepherd. (1) AKC German Shepherds who happen to be white. The very popular breed that we call a German Shepherd comes in a variety of colors, including white. For several reasons (not necessarily good reasons), white dogs aren't appreciated by the ...


Dec 23, 2016 ... The White German Shepherd is a beautiful and often misunderstood breed. I am here to put a few things straight, and I think the best way to do that is by putting forward questions I often hear about this dog and giving you accurate answers! So keep reading to find out more about this wonderfully white dog!


Jan 9, 2015 ... If You Own A White GSD, You're Going To Get Asked - Is It A White Or Albino German Shepherd? Here's How To Respond With An Educated Answer!


Polarbear White Shepherds produce large large AKC White German Shepherd dogs known for their health, longevity, and exceptional people skills. They have mellow, affectionate, and playful temperaments, love water and children. Polarbear puppies are the best dogs for family pets, service dogs, emotional support dogs ...


May 31, 2016 ... White German Shepherd: 18 Fast Facts, Info, and answers to commonly asked questions about this color variation of the German Shepherd dog.


German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America. The medium-to-large breed of dog is often used for a working dog in many different areas, due to its positive qualities, dedication and loyalty. It is typically a black and tan colored dog, however, a white coat breed began to emerge in the late 19th ...


The German Shepherd Dog started out as valued European farm animal because it was an excellent herding dog as well as being intensely loyal and obedient. Many early herdsmen preferred white coated herding dogs such as the White German Shepherd, the Great Pyrenees, the Kuvasz and the Police Tatra Mountain ...

Jun 5, 2016 ... The White Shepherd is a direct descendant of the German Shepherd Dog and the two breeds share common roots and are similar in appearance. However, the White ...