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Now anyone, anywhere, can experience the history and art of the White House via the online virtual tour or in person after submitting a tour request through one's Member of Congress. Check out how you can make your White House visit a reality.


Usually tickets are distributed by the National Park Service at the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion on 15th and E streets NW on each tour day beginning at 9 a.m. Review the announcement for specific details. Where can I store my belongings during the tour? It is important to note that security at the White House is extremely high.


This post is an article on how to get White House tour tickets. Both U.S. nationals and foreign visitors can tour the White House.


Mar 13, 2017 ... You will find more detailed information below on how to schedule a public tour. How to Schedule a White House Tour. The National Park Service Does Not Schedule White House Tours or Provide Tickets to Enter the White House. Public tour requests must be submitted through one's Member of Congress.


While the standard public tour is interesting for architectural and historical reasons, nothing can beat the excitement of the West Wing Tour. These coveted tours are led by knowledgeable members of the White House staff and Secret Service. They take you into the working areas of the White ...


Getting tickets to tour the White House will require some planning ahead. Once you've determined the days you will be visiting Washington DC, contact your member of Congress and request tickets to tour the White House. I would suggest contacting both of your Senators and your Representative. Some have a more ...


Mar 11, 2008 ... Answer 1 of 18: My daughter and I are planning to take my 9 year old grandson to DC during his spring break, the week following Easter. In January I telephoned the office of my Congresswoman to request tickets for a tour of the White House. The person I spoke...


The White House is most often admired from afar, as wandering tourists are unable to step inside and the grounds are only open for special events, such as the White House Easter Egg Roll. In lieu of touring the interior (which can be arranged by making a request through Congress), travelers can catch sight of the structure ...


**Please review the below information carefully, as the White House has recently implemented a new process for tour requests**. As one of our nation's most prized and historic landmarks, the White House receives an incredibly high volume of requests to tour. In order to properly submit a request, please be sure to follow ...