Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money .... The first company to engage in this business model was the U.S. website ArtistShare (2001). ..... As Slava Rubin, founder of IndieGoGo, said: "We get asked that all the time, 'How do ..... Neel V. Patel. ... Mike S. Schaefer; et al.


Fishing down marine food webs: it is far more pervasive than we thought. Bulletin of Marine ... bottom of marine food webs; i.e., on the prey of larger fishes (Pauly et al., 1998a,b;. NRC, 1999). .... or a collapse of the underlying food web, leading to the “backward-bending” plots of TL vs .... Cybiosarda elegans (Whitley, 1935).


Jul 18, 2018 ... have large implications for food webs and biogeochemistry. (Worden et al., 2015) . ... as fast as throughout the rest of the globe (Miller et al.,. 2010). ..... vs. 1400 µatm), again indicating an upward shift in the pCO2 optimum with warming. ...... and Whiteley, A. S.: The response of marine picoplankton to ocean ...


Stavroula Kaldi et al. Education 3-13. Volume ... Camilla Björklund et al. International ... We use cookies to improve your website experience. To learn about our ...


Dec 17, 2013 ... Carbonic acid dissociation constants of Mehrbach et al. ..... from a smaller SA/V ratio, and hence often use alternative mechanisms to remove CO2. .... Whiteley NM ... et al. (2006) Food webs and carbon flux in the Barents Sea.


Role and value of large channels vs. small channels for fish and birds? c. Role and value of large ..... higher salinity water further away from Dutch Slough ( Baxter et al. 2015). .... For Dutch Slough contributions to nearby trophic webs that support Delta ...... et al. 2003, Brown and Michniuk 2007, Whitley and Bollens 2014).


Dec 5, 2017 ... Adaptive Food Webs - edited by John C. Moore December 2017. ... patterns than classical predator–prey cycles (modified after Tirok et al., 2011). ..... The parameter v scales the rate of mean trait changes relative to changes in ...... J. C. Murrell and A. S. Whiteley, American Society for Microbiology Press, pp.


May 6, 2009 ... S. akerstromi Whitley 1947 ... Although coloration and pattern change, Wilson et al. ... V. COMMUNITY ECOLOGY ... The toxins are amplified through food webs as small fishes and invertebrates consume the algae directly, ...


chemical characteristics of the soil (Garside et al., 2005;. Briar et al. ... and stability of soil food webs (Powell, 2007; Ferris, 2010;. Briar et .... RV (R = correlation and V = vectorial) ..... Griffiths, R.I., Whiteley, A.S., O'Donnell, A.G. & Baileya, M.J..