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environmental enrichment could counter this reduction in brain plasticity and thus improve task performance. We housed 24M-old zebrafish under enriched conditions for 4 weeks. As a control, we housed a group of 6M-old zebrafish under similar conditions and assessed their respective in- hibitory avoidance behavior.


S.D. SHEHANE, V.J. HARWOOD, J.E. WHITLOCK AND J.B. ROSE. 2005. Aims: An assessment of ... maintenance of coastal environmental health under changing climate patterns and population density. Keywords: bacterial source ... 2001a; World Health Organization 2002), ingestion of recreational water and through skin ...


May 6, 2014 ... In this study, we test for adaptive divergence in a group of species rarely considered in these types of comparisons: invasive species in the tropics. .... between-population genetic variance (Vb) and within-population genetic variance (Vw) were estimated to calculate QST as follows (Whitlock, 2008):.


Dec 27, 2016 ... The Tye, Foss, Beckler, and Miller rivers form the South Fork, which meets the North Fork at Index. Sunset Falls .... It appears that small groups of highly mobile people moved across the watershed, from the upper elevations down to the sound, to take advantage of a wide range of resources. The villages ...


Oct 15, 2002 ... Certain racial/ethnic groups (e.g. Blacks, American Indians) may be at higher risk of ETS exposure. Despite substantial ... Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is the most widely studied lung cancer risk factor among non-smokers (Brownson et al., 1998). Several ...... Pron GE, Burch JD, Howe GR, Miller AB.


232, WHITLOCK GROUP, AV/Media/ITD, USE V# 4174, SBE. 233, AMER ANALYTICAL LABS INC, Business Consultant, 840 SO MAIN ST, AKRON, OH, 44311-1516. 234, A&S SEMPER FI CLEANING LLC, Cleaning, PO BOX 1253, AMHERST, OH, 44001. 235, CLEANING SYSTEMS INC, Cleaning, 4620 N HIATUS ROAD ...


A series of environmental changes from late-glacial ice recession through the early Holocene are revealed in a. 7000-yr-long ... Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ... Please cite this article as: Krause, T.R., Whitlock, C., Climate and vegetation change during the late-glacial/early-Holocene transition inferred from.


Target genes include cytochrome P-450 and genes involved in cellular growth, differentiation, and inflammation (Whitlock, 1990). Various dioxin congeners can act additively via specific binding of the AhR and their potency relates to AhR affinity; therefore, these chemicals are classified as “dioxins.” Dioxin toxicity can be ...


Effect of random and hub gene disruptions on environmental and mutational robustness in Escherichia coli. Tim F CooperEmail author,; Andrew P Morby,; Annabel Gunn and; Dominique Schneider. BMC Genomics20067:237. https://doi. org/10.1186/1471-2164-7-237. © Cooper et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2006.