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... and my buddy/friend list is showing me people who I have no idea who they are ... see my song history (in other words, am I still added as a user in their list)?.


Aug 8, 2011 ... The Facebook Chat buddy list now only shows you the online status of a ... the ability to view the online statuses of all friends by adding a “More Online ... We asked Facebook why Chat has been redesigned like this, and ... Sure, people spend most of their time Chatting with close friends or ... Sign Me Up.


If your friend signs on and their name appears there but not in the ... for AIM: There is a option where only the people you have on your list ... Lets say we have Person A and Person B... these both people added each other, but ...


There are many things you could do with buddies... ... You can see how much buddies you have on your buddy list. Adding/Deleting Buddies. You can add a ...


Whether you need extra space or just want to clear out the clutter, deleting a screen name from your AOL Buddy List window is easy.


You do not appear on their buddy list and you can also send them private ... Send someone a friend request and see that they are added to your list. Have ... Just something else I noticed, people have been moved from my old ...


Feb 4, 2012 ... Back in November 2011 Google added the ability for you to chat with ... chat with the people in your circles (who also have you in their circles).


Jun 20, 2017 ... But I know for sure The11thSecond has added me. Go to your ... If you see their Snapchat score, they have added you. If not, they don't.


Use your buddy lists to see who is available to receive messages using Jabber. iMessage doesn't support buddy lists. Open Messages for me. View your buddy ...