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Frederick Jeremiah Loudin (c.1836 - November 3, 1904) was the leader of the Loudin Jubilee Singers. His commanding presence and ambitious personality ...


Frederick J. Loudin, teacher, impresario, manufacturer and Fisk Jubilee Singer, had a bass voice the likes of which no one would hear again until the emergence  ...


Born on a farm in Charlestown and raised in Ravenna, Frederick J. Loudin (1836 -1904) joined the Fisk Jubilee Singers as bass vocalist in the years immediately ...


Answer (1 of 1): F J Loudin actually patented a key fastener, it was recorded on Jan 9, 1894 and the device itself was made of several different types of metal.


Frederick J. Loudin invented the Keychain in 1894.


Jan 28, 2012 ... Loudin's Jubilee Singers and a Clock – Solving Mysteries – Part 3 ... story of his wife, Leota Henson Turner and her uncle, Frederick J. Loudin.


Frederick J. Loudin invented the keychain because of theft andforgetfulness. In the 1800s, pickpockets ran rampant and peoplelost their keys easily, so he ...


Type your answer here... he invented the key chain to put keys on it.


Frederick Jeremiah Loudin was the leader of the Loudin Jubilee Singers. His commanding presence and ambitious personality caused him to emerge as an ...