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Doctor of the Church (Latin doctor "teacher") is a title given by the Catholic Church to saints ... Until 1970, no woman had been named a doctor in the church , but since ... Gregory of Narek, the last elevated to the title, is unique and somewhat ...


This is a very special title accorded by the Church to certain saints. This title indicates that the writings and preachings of such a person are useful to ... Name  ...


Jun 21, 2017 ... Definition of Doctor of the Church & a complete up to date (2017) list of all 36 of the ... the Pope in recognition of the outstanding contribution a person has made to the ... There are eleven Doctors of the Church from the Middle Ages, all of them except the last from the Latin or Western Church: ... Last Name *.


Aug 31, 2017 ... What women have been named Doctors of the Church, and what does the term mean? When were they named to that honor?


Learn more about the Doctors of the Church, great saints known for their defense ... the rest have been named by various popes, starting with the addition of St.


The 33 Doctors of the Church are listed in alphabetical order. ... This title indicates that the writings and preachings of such a person are useful to Christians "in any age of the Church. ... Name. Religious Order. Lived From. Lived To. ST. ALBERT THE GREAT ... Fourth and last of the traditional Doctors of the Latin Church.


Jul 28, 2008 ... 340-397), BISHOP OF MILAN, Italy, a major opponent of Arianism, wrote and preached extensively [named a Doctor of the church, 1298].


Feb 24, 2015 ... A 10th-century Armenian monk has been named among the doctors of the church . Pope Francis approved the designation for St. Gregory of ...


According to the textbooks, the Doctors of the Church are an elite cadre of Catholics ... to the list, with the last three additions all hailing from the ranks of the gentler sex. ... If, however, the word “great” doesn't follow your name, and if you can't ...