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Going askMy new doctor and ask is my meds Keppra and limitacal or need to take vitamins or my age to stop my hands from shaking. tags: How to ... It doesn't do it all the time so I was just curious. posted 17 ... does anyone else have what i call the shakes my hands shake alot even though the eeg shows no seizure activity.


hello im 22 years old . and i first notice my right hand shaking when i was holding a remote in my hand. and now im left handed. but i never seen the remote shake in my right hand before. so i start getting nervous . i constantly outstreatch my hands and my fingers do shake. my right hand the most. also my legs shake ...


Jul 28, 2015 ... For example, raising my hand in class makes my hands shake. I also shook when I ... Although more information is needed to determine the cause of your shaking, it sounds likely that it's being caused by stress. From time to time, ... As these situations and worries dissipate, the symptoms usually do, too.


Sep 26, 2014 ... There are several possible causes of shaking or tremor in the hands including anxiety, an overactive thyroid gland and a condition...


Jan 27, 2015 ... Constipation, pins and needles, numbness in my feet, hands, legs etc , very wobbly legs and the feeling that I am shaking inside like an extemely nervous ..... I hope this helped abit and i know how your feeling because anxiety is a horrible thing to have but i really do hope you feel better soon keep me ...


a rhythmic shaking in the hands, arms, head, legs, or torso; shaky voice; difficulty writing or drawing; problems holding and controlling utensils, such as a spoon. .... The treatment is approved only for those individuals with essential tremor who do not respond well to anticonvulsant or beta-blocking drugs. Surgery.


And this tremor usually starts off in the hand or maybe in the finger. A tremor is involuntary shaking. And it actually happens because of lots and lots of relaxations and contractions in our muscles. You've probably noticed before that your hands can get a little shaky when you do certain things, maybe doing something like ...


Mar 26, 2015 ... My concern is that he seems to almost constantly shake / tremor in the hands and arms, as well as his legs which I have heard of being referred to as "the ... I'm 9 months out and do not have visible tremors now at all but I do feel the nerves shake inside at random times especially during the night and of ...


I remember believing that my first born suffered from some kind of brain damage when she was newborn due to her weird movements and shaking… But it turned out ... Affected children usually have normal psychomotor development prior and after the onset of the first episode and do not show other neurological symptoms.