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Blood phobia is extreme and irrational fear of blood, a type of specific phobia. Severe cases of this fear can cause physical reactions that are uncommon in most other fears, specifically vasovagal syncope (fainting).


Aug 17, 2018 ... Another reason people faint at the sight of blood could be an inherited trait. According to Fred Jaeger, DO, medical director of the Center for ...


Sep 5, 2018 ... It's called a vasovagal syncope. The heart rate slows down and blood vessels in the legs dilate, or widen, immediately lowering blood pressure.


Dec 9, 2016 ... When people with blood injury injection (BII) phobia encounter their fears—which include ... Why Do Some People Faint At The Sight Of Blood?


Dec 17, 2016 ... Some may consider such people faint-hearted, but there are reasons for this ... And does fainting at the sight of blood go back to evolution?


Fainting – It can happen to otherwise healthy people! ... or emotional distress, sometimes even from the sight of blood during a blood draw. ... If you have fainted at a blood draw before, you should ask to do your next blood draw lying down.


Some people faint from the sight of blood. But it can ... It's important to get to the root of a fainting incident. ... What should others do if a person near them faints?


Oct 21, 2017 ... And instead of coming down slowly like it normally would, the brain jams the ... “ People who faint at the sight of blood may also faint with pain ...


Oct 15, 2015 ... If your child feels faint when they see blood, Halloween is probably not your favorite holiday. The reaction may be caused by vasovagal ...