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Bubbles are round — spherical — because there is an attractive force called surface tension that pulls molecules of water into the tightest possible groupings.


We'll explain the physics of bubbles so that it is easily understandable. As a bonus ... Bubbles naturally “want” to be round (or spherical rather). Why is this?


Why are bubbles round? Baloon and bubble, Bubbles and balloons have a lot in common! Scientists refer to them as "minimal surface structures." This means ...

Apr 4, 2014 ... Two squares explain why bubbles are round! Our previous video '10 Facts About Newton': http://youtu.be/jRxYvvlisuA Facebook: ...


Most three-dimensional things that are perfectly round in all directions are called "spheres". Therefore, bubbles are said to be "spherical." Most things that are ...


Dec 16, 2013 ... Why is a bubble round? Bubbles can stretch and become all kinds of crazy looking shapes. But if you seal a bubble by flipping it off your wand, ...


Bubbles that are free and not attached to anything are always round because there are forces pushing on the bubble from the inside and the outside in equal ...


Is it possible to trick the forces of nature that make your bubbles round to create a ... but no matter how many times you blow a bubble, it always ends up round.


Why do bubbles take only Spherical Shape? How fascinating are those beautiful, round, mystical spheres that we blow and chase around! Bubbles – so round!