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In the United States, there is considerable legal debate about the ... In rare instances, some defendants are prosecuted both federally and by the ... crimes that no other citizen could commit without potential consequences. ... are technically in possession of multiple illegal drugs at all times.


Some drugs are legal while others are illegal. There are a number of different reasons why some drugs are illegal, including preventing harm to the general.


Dec 12, 2014 ... Most people assume that drugs are legal or illegal because of their inherent dangers or benefits. That's at least what Republicans and ...


In understanding why some drugs are legal and others are not, it's important to ... The FDA is also the decision maker on illegal drugs, those with prohibitively ...


Nov 6, 2017 ... The others gradually entered everyday use, within a few short years losing ... Thus began the long history in which some drugs were illegal, but ...


A drug's legality is down to the law-making branch of the country in question's government. ... LSD, on the other hand, is not known to have any long-term health risks, ... Some drugs are conditionally legal, in that they can only be possessed ...


Drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and so on are not legal because there is money in politics. ... is politicians and doctors are paid to promote certain drugs and rail against other ones. I will say that some drugs are illegal for good reason.


Legal drugs are drugs that are prescribed to a patient by their doctor or ... drugs may turn to crime to pay for their habit, and this affects the lives of other people.


Drugs are not dangerous because they are illegal; drugs are illegal because ... Marijuana is internationally recognized as the gateway drug for other drug use. ... including Members of Parliament, Senators, Editorial Writers and even some ...