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Sep 5, 2012 ... Why Do Students Give Teachers Apples and More from the Fruit's ... “Families whose children attended schools were often responsible for ...


Aug 12, 2013 ... It is also said that farmers' kids gave struggling teachers apples during ... If your school allows it, giving a teacher an apple is still a kind way to ...


Oct 12, 2016 ... In short, we give apples to the teacher not on account of some .... You do know a black kid recently gave his teacher some j's right? Reply.


Jul 22, 2014 ... That didn't mean the children in lower-class families missed out on ... But why do schoolchildren traditionally give apples to their teachers?


Sep 9, 2015 ... As a staple of frontier homes, apples were an easy gift for teachers, a sign of gratitude for educators who were often in charge of many children ...


In the story, Eve eats an apple from the tree of knowledge. As a result of this reference, the apple has become a symbol of knowledge, and children give teachers ...


Sep 15, 2016 ... Why are apples presented to teachers as a gift? ... cold brew (which, to be honest ,would be my gift of choice if I had to deal with 20-some-odd children at 8 a.m.)? ... But what actual value does the infamous fruit have in 2016?


... about why there's a connection between students giving apples to teachers in school. ... For example, “an apple for the teacher will always do the trick when you don't ... On America's western frontier, for example, “families whose children ...


"An apple for the teacher is always gonna do the trick, .... States – would have made a cheap and appealing gift for a nervous child to give to a new teacher.