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Apr 19, 2017 ... Why does your guy treat you badly? Part of it ... THIS about you ... this might be the reason your guy treats you so bad. ... But it saddens me that one of the most- asked questions I receive is — "Why does he treat me like crap?".


Mar 2, 2013 ... You deserve an awesome boyfriend who treats you right. ... If his last relationship ended on really bad terms and he's doesn't care very much for his ... But if he consistently trash talks every single girl he's ever dated, what do you think he's going to do to you if you two break up? ... Tell me in the comments.


Oct 19, 2015 ... One of the key things to consider is: how do you treat yourself? ... He never treated me right and was unwilling to plan a future with me. ... one of the main reasons why people stay in bad relationships is the fear of being single.


Aug 5, 2014 ... If your boyfriend or husband is constantly and continually treating you bad you have to start wondering why he is treating you like garbage and ...


Dec 29, 2012 ... ... unless I do contact him first, he says he loves me, but the way he treats me ... I do? how can I make him see how bad he really does treat me?


Unfortunately, the cold treatment is precisely the one of the most seductive ways you can be controlled. Consider this: You clearly see ...


Why does my boyfriend treat me badly and then get angry when I complain that his ... get mad when their partner tells them "You are mean and that makes me sad. ... during that time his behaviour makes me feel really bad, what should I do?


Feb 3, 2014 ... And we think, at least he still must want to be with me, I'm still chosen, he still picked ... But right now he's got a bad case of commitment phobia.


Some of the most common questions include: "What did he mean when he said ... questions I receive every week is very direct: "Why do they treat me like sh*t?!" ... If you put up with bad treatment, you are showing your partner that you don't ...