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Stellar evolution is the process by which a star changes over the course of time. Depending on the mass of the star, its lifetime can range from a few million ... This process causes the star to gradually grow in size, passing through the .... Eventually the core exhausts its supply of hydrogen and the star begins to evolve off of ...


The reason that stars swell in size after exhausting their hydrogen cores is that the stars begin fusing helium, according to the University of Michigan. The helium  ...


Why does a star grow larger after it exhausts its core hydrogen? ... will happen in the Sun immediately after it has exhausted its supply of hydrogen in its core?


How do the properties of long-lived stars compare to those of short-lived stars? .... What happens when a main-sequence star exhausts its core hydrogen fuel supply? ... The main source of energy for a star as it grows in size to become a red giant is .... After a supernova explosion, the remains of the stellar core ______.


How do high-mass stars produce elements heavier than carbon? ... core, the strength of gravity grows. ..... larger and brighter after it exhausts its core hydrogen.


Gravity holds a star together while the pressure of its ... Fusing hydrogen into helium in its core, the Sun will reside on ... shrink and grow hotter as the ... After one billion years, the red .... When a main-sequence star exhausts its fuel, the core drops ... Size of red giant depends on initial mass of star ... Massive stars do not stop.


Molecular clouds do not have enough material to form such massive stars. B. They would ... Why does a star grow larger after it exhausts its core hydrogen? A.


While the star is a resident of the main sequence, its hydrogen fuel slowly fuses into helium in the core. ... the most part the star does not experience sudden, large-scale changes in its properties. ... After approximately 10 billion years of steady core hydrogen burning, ... An inner core of nonburning pure helium starts to grow.


Three-quarters hydrogen, one-quarter helium, no more than 2 percent heavier elements. ; A ... Why does a star grow larger after it exhausts its core hydrogen?