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SOLUTION: Why is it true that at the x-intercept, the value of y is 0, and at the y- intercept, the value of x is 0? Please give 1 or 2 examples please? I would like to  ...


To find the y-intercept, we substitute 0 for x in the equation, because we know that every point on the ... of 0. Once we do that, we can solve to find the value of y.


Take a closer look, and you'll see that the y-axis is also the line "x = 0". ... an x- intercept is a point in the equation where the y-value is zero, and; a y-intercept is a ...


The graph of the line 2y plus 3x equals 7 is given right over here. Determine its x- intercept. The x-intercept is the x value when y is equal to 0, or it's the x value ...


You don't need to use the slope formula to find the slope for graphs that are proportional (when x is 0 y is 0), just divide any y by it's corresponding x value.


The x-intercept is where a line crosses the x-axis, and the y-intercept is the point where the line crosses the y-axis. Thinking about intercepts helps us graph ...


Sal finds the x and y-intercepts of -5x + 4y = 20. ... or Cancel. Formatting tips. The y intercept of an equation is just the value of y when x is set to equal 0. 2 Votes.


When you find where the x-intercept is located, the y-value is zero! ... To find the x -intercept, you solve the equation using y = 0. To find .... equation; a value of x that makes a function f(x) equal to 0, a zero of a function may be real or imaginary .


Jul 31, 2011 ... With that in mind, what value is y always going to be on the x-intercept? No matter where you are on the x-axis, y's value is 0, that is a constant.