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However, some of the possible means used to stop spamming may lead to other side effects, such as increased government ...


Jul 11, 2012 ... Spammers may argue that it's not really a problem and that you can ... frauds and scams such as phishing attacks and “419” Nigerian fraud type ...


So why is unsolicited commercial e-mail--also known as spam or junk e-mail--a ... There are six reasons unsolicited commercial e-mail is such a problem:


Sep 22, 2016 ... It's now ten years later and more than 70% of emails are spam, according to Kaspersky. Why is spam still such a problem?


The ``oceans of spam'' problem. ... An increasing number of spammers, such as Quantum Communications, send most or all of their mail via innocent ...


Apr 8, 2002 ... So why is this such a problem? Cost-Shifting. Sending bulk email is amazingly cheap. With a 28.8 dialup connection and a PC, a spammer can ...


Runbox checks major databases of spam originators such as the The Spam ... is often not the spammer due to forged messages), and several other problems.


If you have access to e-mail, you are familiar with spam (technically termed ... is the distributed spam processing, for instance DCC implements such a system.


Apr 23, 2017 ... Twitter has a spam bot problem — and it's getting worse ... Each account would follow a few dozen legitimate accounts -- such as high-profile, ...