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South Carolina was one of the original thirteen states of the United States. European ... Gradually more industry moved into the Piedmont area, with textile factories that ... As factories were built across the state, the great majority of farmers left agriculture. Service ..... The area had two main settlement periods of Scotch Irish.


They were used to hard labor. ... Why were the Scots-Irish successful in the Carolina Piedmont? ... Many different animals live in Piedmont, South Carolina.


North Carolina settlers from Europe or of European descent remained mostly in the ... Early Piedmont settlers were primarily Scotch- Irish and German people who .... Their efforts proved successful, and by 1760 Piedmont settlers were sending ...


There were five great waves of emigration, with a lesser flow in the intervening years. ... As drought ravaged the countryside, testimony of Scotch-Irish success in ... the Valley of Virginia, and the Carolina Piedmont, however, Scotch-Irish ...


These settlers were overwhelmingly Scots-Irish Presbyterians who traveled .... Here, in the Carolina Piedmont, the Scots-Irish enjoyed their independence. .... the Backcountry, mercy was not freely given upon successful completion of a battle.


The Scots-Irish Settlers During the Royal Period (1729 to 1775) ... of South Carolina, and the Piedmont up to the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina. The Scots-Irish were Protestant, as compared to the much smaller number of Irish in ...


The Scotch-Irish are a major ethnic component of the USA's dominant culture, but unique ..... successful Cold-War president ... xv They [the Scots-Irish] were the original Jacksonians (indeed, Andrew .... Much of the information regarding the history and heritage of the Scotch-Irish, at least in the Carolina Piedmont where I live ...


both the English and Scottish monarchs were experiencing problems in the border area .... Word of their success quickly spread back to Ulster, and soon thousands of .... In the Carolina Piedmont, Scotch-Irish Presbyterian ministers like Rev.


Many early Irish immigrants were of sturdy, Scotch-Irish stock. ... their emigration by becoming indentured servants were well equipped to lead successful, ... into the North Carolina Piedmont region, they reached South Carolina by the 1760s.