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Answered. Why won't my Action Replay work for my copy of the game? Answered . Does anyone know why the the action replay codes dont work? Unresolved ...


newer software on the dsi when compared to the ds so datel may have to make a new AR for the dsi or.... ur AR may be bust as datel's build quality is not the ...


If you have a regular Action Replay and a DSi, the DSi won't recognize the AR and won't be ... It always works for me if i ever remove my AR ...


Jan 5, 2009 ... I have a action replay I put it in my ds's I have tried in all of them and yet it doesn't work. It doesn't freeze or anything like that but I put it.., ...


Action Replay is a specific brand of video-game cheating device for Nintendo DS and other ... Input codes and check that your Replay is working correctly. ... How do I fix my Nintendo DS if there is a message on the screen reading, "gz"?


Jan 16, 2012 ... Welcome to our unofficial gude to Pokemon Platinum. Platinum is the directors cut version of the popular Diamond and Pearl games, it features ...

Jan 25, 2014 ... How To Fix Action Replay DSi White Screen Of Death (Very Easy). GamingHeim. Loading .... My bday gift finally works!! Thanks dude u da best.
Oct 20, 2007 ... NOTE:: This may not work on some Action Replays due to the programming. I've read all your ... Now quit your rude comments, this is my final warning. Update: May 11 ... Mine won't even load up or read it now. Read more.


On rare occasions, it's possible that an Action Replay DS may no longer be ... FAQs · The PC won't recognise the presence of Action Replay DS when connected.