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Feb 17, 2010 ... Long periods can be a nuisance, or it can indicate a serious problem ... or menorrhagia, is defined as bleeding that goes beyond a week. ... The length of an average menstrual cycle for an adult woman lasts ... These are abnormal conditions identified after other causes, like pregnancy, have been ruled out.


Goodness girl! As if a week weren't enough? While my periods have never been like clockwork, I've never had one last for three weeks. You really should talk to ...


If you are having a prolonged menstrual cycle this is abnormal, unless you are ... Extra-long periods can result from hormonal changes and in women of this age ... If there is a chance you could have been pregnant, the two-week period may ... My last period was on the 31st August and it came right on time and normally.


The last time I was on my period, I bled for at least two weeks. ... Clotting disorders - If you have a blood clotting problem, it can manifest as heavy bleeding ...


Feb 1, 2016 ... Symptoms of menorrhagia include a menstrual period that lasts longer... ... What Causes Menstrual Irregularity? Conditions list medically ...


Aug 7, 2015 ... No. Normal menstrual periods last 3 to 7 days. Longer than normal periods can occur because of stress, a hormone imbalance, pregnancy, ...


My Period Lasts Longer Than Normal: Is It a Problem? One most ... You may have to worry a bit though for a period lasting longer than usual. ... Your period continues more than a week or so – it should normally stay between 4-6 days range.


Because bleeding can mean a problem with pregnancy, possible pregnancy should always be considered in a woman of .... Is the bleeding happening at an expected time during your menstrual cycle? ... Have you been bleeding for more than 2 weeks without stopping? ... Have your symptoms lasted longer than 2 weeks?


Aug 13, 2009 ... I've been on my period for 2 weeks and have large clots ... So i thought maybe it was implant bleeding but then the next day I got my period. I know it sounds ... I' ve never had a period last this long nor have i past clots like this.