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Elizabeth White subsequently died of meningitis at the age of fifty-three; she was survived by her second husband, Harold James Weaver (born December 1940) of Minden. The second Drew daughter, known originally as Caldwell Drew (born July 1950), is married to James Wiley Colvin; the couple resides in Springhill.


Christopher Rich and Vicki Colvin. Department of Chemistry, Rice University, MS- 60, P.O. Box 1892, Houston, Texas 77251, USA. (Received 21 April 2004; published 25 January 2005). Colloidal crystals offer a promising route for the formation of three-dimensional photonic crystals. The primary constraint in working with ...


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John W. Kirklin, M.D., Eugene H. Blackstone, M.D., Edward V. Colvin, M.D., and Michael E. McConnell, .... as were 9% (70% confidence limits, 7-12%) in ours between 1982 and May 1986 (15 of 160 patients). References. 1. Kirklin JW, Barratt-Boyes BG: Cardiac Surgery. New York,. Wiley, 1986, p 786. 2. Castaneda AR ...


Lindsay Colvin Stone is an associate in the Labor and Employment Practice Group in the firm's New York office. Areas of Practice. Ms. Stone is experienced in representing employers in a wide array of labor and employment matters in judicial, arbitral and agency forums, including disputes related to restrictive covenant and ...


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Jul 15, 1999 ... Jinwoo Kim , Ha Seong Kim , Jun Hee Choi , Hyeongtag Jeon , Yohan Yoon , Jinyun Liu , Jea-Gun Park , and Paul V. Braun. Chemistry of ...... Linli Meng, Hong Wei, Anthony Nagel, Benjamin J. Wiley, L. E. Scriven, and David J. Norris ...... P. Jiang, K. S. Hwang, D. M. Mittleman, J. F. Bertone, and V. L. Colvin.