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Liberation theology is an interpretation of Christian theology which emphasises a concern for ... The Vatican rejected certain forms of Latin American liberation theology for ... Pope John Paul II gave the opening speech at the Puebla Conference. ... as the subversive of Nazareth, does not tally with the Church's catechesis"; ...


Mar 17, 2013 ... Pope Francis will need great determination to heal the divisions in the ... by Pope John Paul II and by the Catholic hierarchy in his own country.


This single-minded focus put blinders on John Paul II in Latin America. ... Tony Judt of New York University's Remarque Institute said, "he does not compromise  ...


Oct 22, 2016 ... Today, we celebrate the feast day of Pope St. John Paul II, whose pontificate was ... The documentary Nine Days That Changed the World does a beautiful ... In addition to Latin America, John Paul II's visit to the Philippines, ruled by .... In 2003, even the New York Times thought that John Paul II would be an ...


Apr 19, 2005 ... U.S. Influence over Choosing a New Pope April 5, 2005 ... They want a pope who , like John Paul II, will support dialogue with Muslims but at the same time ... On the other hand, he says, in Latin America there are few Muslims.


Encomia to the "new way of doing theology" came from North American and European ... At the Second General Conference of the Latin American conference of Bishops ... Instead, orthodox Catholic leaders, starting with Pope John Paul II, have .... Only a thoroughly materialistic culture can perceive this as progress.


Apr 10, 2005 ... "The arrival of Pope John Paul II was a step backward for El Salvador," said ... felt by many Catholic lay people and clergy in Latin America. .... At the very least, some of the cardinals who will elect the next pope recognize that ...


Pope John Paul II, 84, died April 2 at 9:37 p.m. in his private quarters at the end of a ... For those who are new, we want to tell you more about our independent .... the Catholic church does one day ordain women, John Paul will be the pope who .... bishops' conferences of Latin America, a trip originally scheduled by Paul VI.


He and his close friend, Pope John Paul II/Karol Józef Wojtył, were Central ... The two previous popes saw the new Latin American radical theology as a threat to Papal .... What can an Argentine pope do for Latin America and for the world?