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William West may refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Arts and entertainment; 2 Law and politics; 3 Science; 4 Sport; 5 Other; 6 See also. Arts and entertainment[edit]. William West (artist) (1801–1861), English artist (of Bristol); William West (director ) of Flying Wild · William H. West (entertainer) (1853–1902), American Minstrel show ...


A Fingerprint Fable: The Will and William West Case. (This story appeared in the November 1987, Vol. 37, No. 11 issue of Identification News, which was the next to the last issue prior to changing publication format and becoming the Journal of Forensic Identification). by ROBERT D. OLSEN, SR. Kansas Bureau of ...


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Apr 15, 2014 ... This bizarre story took place at the turn of the 20th century. A prisoner by the name of Will West arrived at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1903. After seeing his mug shots, the prison clerk took one look at the photos and insisted she had seen him before. Mr. West explained he had ...


This system of classifying fingerprints was first adopted. as the official system in England, and eventually spread throughout the world. 1903 – The William West – Will West Case at a Federal Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas,. changed the way that people were classified and identified. When a man named Will West entered  ...


As amazing as it sounds, West was telling the truth. He had never been to Leavenworth before. The man in the mug shot had the exact same measurements as west and was virtually identical. As a matter of fact, if this wasn' t eerie enough, the mysterious twin, serving time at Leavenworth, was also named William West.


May 26, 2011 ... record, bearing the name William West: Amazed, the prisoner said, “That's my picture, but I don't know where you got it, for I know I have never been here before.” Incredibly, this was true. A different William West had been serving a life sentence at Leavenworth since 1901, and the new prisoner had the


Jun 14, 2016 ... They looked identical and even shared the same name, but the two prisoners pictured were actually different people and their remarkable case helped bring in the era of fingerprint identification. The man above was called Will West, the man below William West, and they were both sentenced to jail at ...


West's Bertillon measurements and photograph. Will West denied ever being incarcerated at the facility. The records clerk doubted this information, and referenced his Bertillon measurements into the system, retrieving the Bertillon card for a William West. Will West continued to deny that the. William West card was his.