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Miller v. Johnson, 515 U.S. 900 (1995), was a United States Supreme Court case concerning "affirmative gerrymandering/racial gerrymandering", where racial minority-majority electoral districts are created during redistricting to increase minority Congressional representation.


Thompson v. Johnson County Community College, 108 F.3d 1388 (10th Cir. 1997) is a decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, involving the Johnson County Community College and its practice of giving workers no right to privacy in bathrooms or changing rooms. The college had used video to ...


Brenda WILLIAMS, et al., Appellants, v. Marye JOHNSON, et al., Appellees. No. 3D16–2898. Decided: October 11, 2017. Before EMAS, LOGUE and LINDSEY, JJ.Law Offices of Robin Bresky, Daniel S. Weinger and Robin Bresky (Boca Raton), for appellants. Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc., Jacqueline C. Ledón and ...


Jul 1, 2014 ... Issue: (1) Whether, in denying rehearing after deciding Johnson v. Williams, this Court meant to bar a deferential review on remand, or whether denial of rehearing simply reflected that disputes regarding the scope of this Court's mandate were to be resolved on remand; and (2) whether the previous denial ...


Dec 4, 2017 ... SAUVE v. JOHNSON & JOHNSON et al (3:17-cv-12515), New Jersey District Court, Filed: 12/04/2017 - PacerMonitor Mobile Federal and Bankruptcy Court ... NOTICE of Appearance by GENE M. WILLIAMS on behalf of JOHNSON & JOHNSON, JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER INC (WILLIAMS, GENE).


6 days ago ... Pace v. Johnson & Johnson et al (2:18-cv-01245), California Central District Court, Filed: 02/15/2018 - PacerMonitor Mobile Federal and Bankruptcy Court PACER Dockets.


Duncan v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Thompson v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Phillips v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Williams v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Hamilton v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Toczek et al v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Fugate et al v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Smith et al v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. McCracken et al v. Ethicon, Inc. et al. Cottrell et al v. Johnson & Johnson et al.


v. ) ) OHIO EDISON, et al.,. ) MEMORANDUM OF OPINION. ) AND ORDER. Defendants. ) Pro se plaintiff Diana Williams filed this action on behalf of herself and Edward ... Spruytte v. Walters, 753 F.2d 498, 500 (6th Cir. 1985), cert. denied , 474 U.S. 1054 (1986); Harris v. Johnson, 784 F.2d 222, 224 (6th Cir. 1986); Brooks v.


Is racial gerrymandering of the congressional redistricting process a violation of the Equal Protection Clause?