(Winford 2000a: 429). Sample (3) comes from ..... borrowing, or speakers of language B who shift to A and introduce features of B which native speakers of A  ...


(Heath 1984:367), “indirect diffusion” (Aikhenvald 2002), “grammatical replication ” (Heine & .... Winford & Migge (2007:84) argue that this category is modeled on the ... Journal of language contact – THEMA 2 (2008) www. jlc-journal.org b.


Anna Ruth R. Heath · Blanche Elliott Heath · Curtis Heath (1) ... Keron B. Heath (1 ) · Keron B. Heath (2) · Nancy S. ... William Thomas Heath · Winford E. Heath ...


Oct 15, 2018 ... Stephanie M. Davis,1 Lisa A. Collier,1 Edric D. Winford,2 Christopher ..... However, there was no significant overall change in b IL-1β levels or c IL-6 ...... Mohamet L, Heath JK, Kimber S. Determining the LIF-sensitive period for ...


Ms. Winford joined Heritage in 2018. She is located in the SLC- A office. Julene MacKinnon. Assistant Principal. SLC-B x6021. Ms. MacKinnon joined Heritage in  ...


Fred B. Leidig ..... 1517 Winford Rd. ... aerobics class and was the center's exercise guru who attracted many of the community's heath-conscious participants.


contact, e.g. Heath (1984), but other explanations for the triggers of language ..... (Winford 2003) and Yaron Matras (Matras 2009) and indeed by the present volume .... language B. However, this is already an abstraction as the appearance of.


483 records for Judy Heath. 483 records. Hide Filters Show ... Levi Winford Heath . Danielle J Heath. James A Heath ... Judy B Heath. Florence, MT. Family.


6 days ago ... Modern Bios B · Bagley, David Worth ...... Ellis, Winford G. (Jerry). Ellison, Davis R . Ellison ..... Heath, John Postell. Hebner, Scott. Hedding ...