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Kids learn facts and geography about the state of Wisconsin including symbols, flag, capital, bodies of water, industry, borders, population, fun facts, GDP, famous people, and major cities.


Resources and activities for school age children on the state of Wisconsin.


Get Wisconsin facts, maps, and pictures in this U.S. state profile from National Geographic Kids.


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Wisconsin facts & information -Interesting OMG Wisconsin fun facts for kids - random trivia and amazing cool Wisconsin state facts - WI.


Oct 3, 2017 ... Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. See the fact file below for more information about the state of Wisconsin or alternatively download our comprehensive worksheet pack to utilise within the classroom or home environment. Wisconsin.


Origin of the Name Wisconsin - Wisconsin is from an Indian word, but the origin is uncertain. It is perhaps an Algonquian Indian word that means "long river," a Chippewa/Ojibwa/Anishinabe word, "Ouisconsin," that means "grassy place," or " gathering of the waters." State Nickname - Badger State State Motto - "Forward"

Oct 19, 2016 ... Please watch: "❤ 3 GIANT Batches of VALENTINE'S SLIME + SMOOTHIE ❤ ( Shout-Out Version)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVOZL... --~-- Information about Wisconsin || for KIDS by KIDS ||The Family Fudge. Our kids are learning about the States. This time, we look at 5 things to do in Wisconsin!


Oct 18, 2014 ... Wisconsin (/wɪˈskɒnsɨn/ (help·info)) is a state of the United States. It can be found in the north-central part of the United States. Two of the five Great Lakes and four other states (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota) border Wisconsin. The capital of Wisconsin is Madison. The biggest city in Wisconsin is ...