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Words in the News has now ended. If you are interested in news and want to learn English we have two other series for you: 1) Lingohack (video news stories) 2) News Report (audio news stories)


Jan 21, 2018 ... A war of words is raging on many a college campus ... a debate in which the right of free speech itself is under fire. Our Cover Story is reported by Rita Braver: In the 1960s college students demanded the right to talk about anything on campus, from civil rights to opposing the Vietnam War. All ideas seemed ...


Dec 17, 2017 ... The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pushing back against a report alleging that the Trump administration had banned the organization from using specific words in next year's budget documents. The Washington Post reported the news on Friday, citing an analyst who had been briefed on the ...


February 15, 2018. News Words: Solidarity · News Words: Romantic. February 08 , 2018. News Words: Romantic · News Words: Participate. February 01, 2018. News Words: Participate · News Words: Watershed. January 25, 2018. News Words: Watershed · News Words: Benefits. January 18, 2018. News Words: Benefits.


Weird Words. Do you know what these words mean? Try to guess. After you've guessed, click the word to see its true meaning! Addle egg; Batty; Prabble; Truepenny; Bedazzle; Boggler; Gull-catcher; Hugger mugger; Hurly burly; Skimble skamble ...


A Way with Words is a lively public radio show and podcast about language and linguistics with callers from all over. We cover slang, new words, word origins and etymology, regional English and dialects, English as a second language, speech, literature, poetry, books, writing, word games, and a whole lot more.


A podcast about languages and the people who speak them.


An instant check for words allowed in ScrabbleTM. Includes Scrabble word definitions and scores. Brought to you by MindsportsAcademy. Collins is the only online Scrabble word finder to use the official tournament word list. The Collins official word list includes over a quarter of a million permissible words, and is endorsed ...


Aspen Summer Words is the Rocky Mountain gateway to the literary world. Summer Words is recognized as one of the country's pre-eminent literary festivals .