Jun 13, 2015 ... A hundred years ago, a Polish physician created a language that anyone could learn easily. The hope was to bring the world closer together.


I want to go to the world Esperanto Congress in Montreal in 2020 but I can't find anything on the price so I was wondering if you need to pay ...


It's estimated that up to 2 million people speak esperanto today, with some even teaching it to their children as a native language.


So I had written to the delegito ("local representative") of the World Esperanto Association in Tashkent to inform him of my arrival. He had replied he would be at ...


World Esperanto Congress Mark Fettes, president of the World Esperanto Association, during the 100th World Esperanto Congress in Lille (France), 2015 The ...


This paper focuses on the contribution of the Esperanto movement to the furtherance of world peace and the bringing together of the peoples of the world.


Nov 20, 2018 ... An English blog post about Esperanto, a language constructed in the 19th century that continues to be spoken around the world today.


Oct 2, 2016 ... Ross Perlin on Esther Schor's “Bridge of Words: Esperanto and the Dream of a Universal Language.”


Esperanto was developed for intercommunication among L1 users of other languages. It is currently used by speakers in over 100 countries of the world.