Esperantistoj havas propran kulturon, nomate Esperanto-kulturo aŭ Esperanta ... La 20-an de novembro 2014 la pola ministrino pri kulturo kaj nacia heredaĵo ..... la utilon de Esperanto al Global Voices, Libera Folio, la 9-an de januaro 2018.


Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language . ... Later that year, he organized the first World Esperanto Congress, an ongoing annual conference, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. ...... official status · North American Summer Esperanto Institute; (English) Semajno de Kulturo Internacia ...


Aug 4, 2005 ... Esperanto indeed has a culture, but it is an international or whole-world culture. One has to realize that in the case of Esperanto the relation ...


Esperanto has achieved one initial breakthrough: it has become a living language that spans generations and which tens of thousands throughout the world ...


Apr 13, 2018 ... The World Esperanto Association has members in over 120 countries. ...... writes the Esperanto poet William Auld in the journal Monda Kulturo.


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Aug 3, 2011 ... The author of that article is well known in the Esperanto world for being the author of that article… and nothing ...... Vivu la esperanta kulturo!!!


Why Esperanto had failed? In a post-modern world it should be ideal instead of English as its not part of any culture. EU and China can use it ...


Esperanto-speakers live all over the world, and have their own culture but no legal ... kulturo. kultur-o: culture, kul-tur-o: tower of gnats, kult-ur-o: aurochs of a cult.