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West Frisian, or simply Frisian is a West Germanic language spoken mostly in the province of ... almost always just called "Frisian" (in Dutch, Fries for the Frisian language and Westfries for the Dutch dialect.) ... terms, the highest percentage of emigrants of all Dutch provinces between the Second World War and the 1970s.


Friesland also historically known as Frisia, is a province of the Netherlands located in the northern part of the country. It is situated west of Groningen, northwest ...

Apr 13, 2008 ... Alexander Arguelles presents a series of videos to provide introductory overviews of the languages of the world. Working diachronically ...


FRYSK! Czech championship. Qualification tournament. 9 November 2017 ... The winner of the tournament was Vaclav Krista, he is now qualified for the worldchampionships FRYSK! in March 4, 2018. World Championships Frisian Draughts.


Frisian language, Frisian Frysk, Dutch Fries, the West Germanic language most closely related to English. ... global use of the English language. English ...


World Championships Frisian Draughts 2018 ... on Thursday 9 August an Italian Draughts tournament and on Friday 10 August a FRYSK! tournament (Frisian ...


(4,5 pts) Alesio Mecca (Damas Latina) Qualified for the world championship FRYSK! 5 March 2017. 2. (4 pts.) Alessio Scaggiante (Energia Fitness Club) Treviso.


Whiskysite.nl is de meest toonaangevende aanbieder van Single Malt Whisky op internet in Nederland! De nieuwste Single Malt Whisky vindt u dus als eerste ...


Frysk (Frisian) ... I can almost guarantee that you'll be able to read Frysk as an English ... called the PC, and is known to be the oldest sports event in the world.