Interlingua is an Italic international auxiliary language (IAL), developed between 1937 and .... In 1954, Interlingua was used at the Second World Cardiological Congress in Washington, D.C. for both written summaries and oral interpretation.


Esperanto and Interlingua are two planned languages which have taken radically different ... This implied, in his view, that a world language on the Esperanto model was either impossible or, worse, achievable only through totalitarian coercion ...


Interlingua is an international auxiliary language that uses simple grammar and vocabulary common among Romance and Germanic languages. This means ...


Apr 21, 2017 ... The website of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua (International Interlingua ... It also publishes Panorama in Interlingua, a 28-page world news ...


Interlingua – your specialist in translation, interpreting, conference technology ... technology and conference organisation at your fingertips all over the world.


Le Union Mundial pro Interlingua presenta le international lingua auxiliar interlingua que es immediatemente comprensibile pro plure centos milliones de  ...


Definition of interlingua - an artificial language, devised for machine translation, that makes explicit the distinctions necessary for ... Most popular in the world.


Latino sine flexione, le Interlingua de Peano: .... super Paraconsistentia (III World Congress on Paraconsistency) Peano poterea parlar in su Interlingua.


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