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Apr 17, 2017 ... Here at OutdoorHub, we see a lot of “trophies,” but this is a new one even for us! Around this time of year, you expect to see long turkey beards and spring fishing trophies, but don't forget the other hunting season that's in full swing right now – morel mushroom season. One lucky teenager in Indiana found ...


Oct 16, 2010 ... Guinness World Records also once listed a honey fungus (Armillaria ostoyae) in Oregon covering 890 hectares as the largest fungus. The Guinness World Record for a morel mushroom was gained by a mushroom which measured 11 inches long and weighed 4 pounds. Subscribe to our free RSS News ...


Mar 20, 2015 ... A record year for forest fires is predicted to produce the biggest ever morel mushroom harvest. Thousands converge on burned areas to cash in.


May 17, 2016 ... Kelly Young's morel find will be supplying his butter-filled frying pan for a very long time. The huge fungus was by railroad tracks south of Walnut, Iowa.


Oct 28, 2005 ... While experts say it's doubtful anyone has a reliable record book for individual mushroom species, Kimbrough said the one Whitmore discovered has "got to be among the largest ever found in North ... "If there are two wild mushrooms on the table, I'd always take that one, even over morels," he said.


Jul 31, 2017 ... His son was the former record holder for biggest Utah “Shroom.” Ritzinger said he can't believe he found it before a moose, worms, or another mushroom hunter did. But he doesn't plan to eat this one just yet. For now it's frozen, waiting to see if this mushroom king will be crowned with a Guinness World ...


Jun 4, 2015 ... Jack Sherbo will long remember the spring of 2015 for the big one that didn't get away. No, we're not talking about a fish. Or a wild turkey. We're talking about a morel — the king of morels. While searching for the tasty woodland mushrooms in April, Sherbo came across one giant morel by itself, tucked ...

Jul 13, 2010 ... Giant Sized Morel Mushrooms by Chris Matherly, a 13 incher found in Georgia in 2010, among others. Chris used a machete to cut it off with...http://mycotours...


May 6, 2016 ... More than 1000 people have "liked" and commented on a Facebook photo of an Iowa boy holding a giant mushroom.