Romansh is a Romance language spoken predominantly in the southeastern Swiss canton of ...... The recognition of Romansh as the fourth national language is best seen within the context of the "Spiritual defence" preceding World War II, ...


Jun 28, 2018 ... Despite Romansh being one of Switzerland's four national languages, less ... When the world loses a language, as it does every two weeks, we ...


Mar 2, 2017 ... Romansh is a Romance language of the Rhaetian people, who are ... These days the Romansh world is orientated towards German-speaking ...


Asterix around the World - all the publishers, titles and more about the 100+ known Asterix translations ... Asterix speaks Rumantsch Grischun - Switzerland.


Switzerlands fourth national language Rumantsch: where they speak it and how they fight for its survival.


May 3, 2015 ... “But it's also for the world to get to know Romansh culture better.” ... Daniel Telli from Lia Rumantscha thinks Il Crestomat is a “great idea ...


Feb 19, 2018 ... The forests of Graubünden might look pretty, but dangerous creatures roam them in Il Crestomat, the world's first Romansh e-comic. Culture.


Romansh language, German Rumantsch, also called Grishun, or Grisons, Romance language of the Rhaetian group spoken in northern Italy and Switzerland, ...


Romansh (also spelled Rumantsch, Romansch or Romanche) is one of the four national languages of Switzerland, along with German, Italian and French.