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Gear score is a numerical value based on the statistics of a player's gear. It is ( supposedly) the maximum potential of a player's performance. However, it is up to the player to perform that well. In addition to item level (ilvl), the item's actual statistics or abilities may or may not be included for calculation, as determined by  ...


December.2017. New raid has arrived and WoW-Heroes is ready for it. ... Both Blizzard Armory and the API are showing high level characters as level 100, with old gear. ... Stat priority is updated for legion - Score bar for players lower than level 110 will show suggested instances ranked mainly according to instance level


105627 items ... A complete searchable and filterable list of all Items in World of Warcraft: Legion. Always up to date with the latest patch (7.3.5).


Apr 18, 2012 ... Confused by the focus on the arbitrary WoW gearscore numbers in the game? Wondering how to check your own WoW gear score or that of somebody else? Our guide to gear score in World of Warcraft has a run down of the system, it's advantages and disadvantages, and a few great resources for ...


Additionally, PvP Power is not counted towards an item's ilvl budget, allowing PvP gear of a given ilvl to provide an advantage in PvP compared to non-PvP gear of the same ilvl. Item level is widely used as a means of ..... e.g. 1% crit became 14 crit rating, 1% hit became 10 hit rating. Stamina was de-budgeted. 1 point of ...


Welcome to Guildox! Notice a problem with a guild or toon on this site? Have a feature request? Please, let us know! Popular Raiding and PvP Gear · Popular Raiding and PvP Talents ...


May 29, 2016 ... Quest reward ilvls in Broken Isles. Quest rewards in Legion are based on your current level. Since the zones are scaled to your level, it doesn't matter where you quest and level up, the gear will be scaled to your level. However, I made a list on what type ilvl you get based on your level from quest rewards: ...


World of Warcraft GearScore rankings, WIN/FAIL ratings, and character comments.