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Hall v. St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Dept., 668 F. Supp. 535 (M.D. La. 1987) case opinion from the US District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.


Hall v. St. Helena Parish School Board, 197 F. Supp. 649 (E.D. La. 1961) case opinion from the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.


Jul 31, 2016 ... After her church service, she stopped over to tell me about her experience at Tangipahoa Parish Training School for Colored. ..... James Parker, McTha Turner , Woodrow Dyson, Bennie James Gordon, Conrad Wyre, Hurley Gordon, Elijah William, Nolan Gordon, Felix Braxton, Eugene Peavy, James Cook, ...


1867 Waller, Saluda C. to Lamberth, Isaac N. 12-11-1855 Waller, William F. to Barksdale, Martha 11-7-1854 Waller, Zilphia to Veirs, Stanley N. 12-9-1817 Waller, Z.A. to Arbuthnot, Stanley V. 2-11-1869 Waller, Z.V. to Rawlsison, Ann 10- 4-1824 Walls, Alsey to Addison, John NO-DATE Walls, Annie to Alexander, Daniel ...