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Is the disc tray on your Xbox 360 console stuck shut? Find out how to manually eject the disc tray on your Xbox 360 console.


Is a disc stuck in your Xbox One? Find out how to manually eject a disc from your console.

Jan 4, 2013 ... Have an Xbox 360 with a stuck disc tray? Today I show you how to repair a stuck disc tray on an Xbox 360 WITHOUT voiding your warranty!
Apr 9, 2017 ... Quick guide to fixing a stuck disk drive on an original xbox (works on 360s as well )
Jan 27, 2015 ... In this video i show you guys 4 different ways to open your Xbox 360's disc tray if it is jammed and will not open on its own, like it should. I know ...
Jan 11, 2012 ... Xbox 360 how to open your disk tray and fix permanently ... Hey guys i was bord one day and decided to make a video on how to fix the disk tray because it help alot rather than spending ... Xbox 360 Jammed Disc Tray fix !!!
Jan 4, 2017 ... One way to fix the disc tray problem is shown on screen, a second is to simply disconnect your power cable,


Step 3: power on the Xbox 360 and hit the eject button. ... I accidentally hit the disc tray and now it is sticking out and when i close it it only goes ...


The disc drive on my regular xbox doesn't open when I press the eject button. A few years ago when it did open I left a disc inside so next time that I pressed the ...